Viterna - Gladiator Blood

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Viterna created Gladiator Blood using an explosive blend of caffeine and creatine to make sure it delivers the boost you need to perform your best and see better results than ever before. Gladiator Blood is specially designed to help you break through plateaus — repetition after repetition, set after set.

Annos: 2 kauhaa (apx 23g)


AAKG 3000mg
Beta Alaniini 3000mg
Sitrulliini Malaatti 3000mg
Kreatiini Monohydraatti 3000mg
L-Tyrosiini 2000mg
Tauriini 1000mg
Kalium Sitraatti 600mg
Natrium 600mg
Koliini Bitartraatti 500mg
L-Ornitiini 500mg
Kofeiini 300mg
L-Teaniini 200mg
L-Valiini 200mg
C-Vitamiini 150mg
Piperiini 5mg