OPROtec - kyynärvarsituki

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What is it?

The OPROtec Elbow Support is built to relieve sore muscles and joints around the elbow. Slip it over your arm in seconds to enjoy the warming benefits of thermal compression. As swelling and inflammation is reduced, blood flow is maximised, easing elbow pain to give you the strength and stability to perform at your best.

Is it right for you?

At OPROtec, we understand how frustrating persistent elbow pain can be. That’s why we created an elbow support to help give you the relief you need. Featuring a built-in thermal compression system, it makes for an extremely effective tennis elbow support – keeping you protected on the court while encouraging recovery at home. And if golf is more your game, you’re sure to see the benefits on the course too.

Another common cause of elbow pain is weightlifting. As you push yourself to beat your personal best week on week, your elbow may start to push back. Our elbow support is an excellent solution to add strength and stability to your elbow joint, promoting blood flow to ensure maximum performance with every rep.

The Elbow Support is ideal for use after elbow fractures and elbow surgery and for relief of pain from elbow arthritis. It helps relieve the pain of epicondylitis (tennis/golfers’ elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries.

Get relief from elbow pain with the OPROtec Elbow Support.