EAA PRO 500g

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Key benefits

  • Helps muscle building
  • Prevents abdominal fat accumulation
  • Promotes recovery
  • Reduces muscle breakdown

Product Overview

Contains the 8 essential amino acids (EAA) that the body does not produce itself.Amino acids are the building blocks in proteins.The body uses these blocks to build, for example, muscle tissue. Body can produce some amino acids and these are called non-essential amino acids; the other amino acids, the ones called essential, like EAA, we have to obtain with food. Even though amino acid supplements are often associated with athletes, ingesting of these can have many advantages for people who are not practicing any physical activities. All this because amino acids produce enzymes and contribute to various physical activities, such as sleep, concentration, fatigue. A published study says that regular ingestion of amino acids helps to prevent abdominal fat accumulation on women after menopause. An advantage of this product in connection with low calorie diet is more substantial weight loss compared to food alone. These amino acids help the process of muscle building, but are also of great help to retain muscle mass for people who do not engage in sports. A study published in “Journal of Nutrition” indicates that it promotes positive resulting effect on VO2max (maximum oxygen consumption), which was highest in those people that had received amino acid supplement compared to placebo.

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